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Tyres Varsity Lakes

Introducing Our Broad Range of Tyres

If you’re searching for the most extensive selection of tyres in Varsity Lakes, you needn’t look any further than Gas Wheels & Tyres. Below, we detail some top tips regarding purchasing and maintaining tyres to help you save money. First, we discuss some of our most highly sought-after services. Phone us on 07 5554 5445 or email to talk about our large range of wheel and tyre packages.

Related Services We Provide to Wheels and Tyre Packages in Varsity Lakes

From new tyres and puncture repairs and suspension and lift kits, we can do it all here at Gas Wheels & Tyres. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Lift kits in Varsity Lakes: If you’re an avid off-roader and enjoy driving your 4x4 over challenging terrains, you might want to protect your vehicle’s chassis by raising it. We supply and install a broad range of lift kits for motorists in Varsity Lakes, and you can feel confident we only source products from the world’s leading manufacturers.

  • Wheel painting: If your wheels are scuffed or you want to enhance their appearance, you should learn more about our repainting service. We can paint your wheels in any colour you like, and we guarantee a flawless finish. We can also repaint your brake calipers to make your car stand out on the street. We use top-quality products that put up stiff resistance to the elements and corrosion.

  • Puncture repairs: Before you assume you have no choice but to purchase brand-new tyres, you might want to find out whether we can restore your existing ones to a near-new condition. 

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Wheels and Tyres in Varsity Lakes


Here’s how you can keep your tyres in top condition to extend their lifespan and save money:

  • Check the pressure of your tyres frequently: If your tyres are either over or under inflated, you could be spending more on fuel than necessary. Tyres with the wrong pressure can also be dangerous. We recommend checking the pressure of your tyres every other week at the minimum. Alternatively, you can call our professionals for a tyre service in Varsity Lakes on 07 5554 5445.

  • Make sure your tyres are safe: You should inspect the tread on your tyres every few months to ensure they have enough trad to keep you safe on the road regardless of the weather. If your tyres are bald, you could receive a fine. Instead of taking any risks, stay on top of maintenance and change your tyres when necessary.

  • Invest in quality products: Instead of buying cheap tyres, choose top-quality solutions that will last longer and help you save money in the long run. We stock tyres from all the leading brands, such as Bridgestone, Kumho and Pirelli, ensuring we have the perfect product for your vehicle.


Why Gas Wheels & Tyres Is Cost-Effective

Even though we only stock wheels and tyres from the world’s leading manufacturers, we commit to remaining the most affordable supplier and fitter in the Varsity Lakes area. If you’d like to learn more about our capabilities, need advice or book an appointment, we welcome you to contact our friendly professionals.

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