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Tyres Mermaid Beach 

Get Tyres for Your Car at Gas Wheels & Tyres 

Do you need new tyres for your vehicle in Mermaid Beach? Come and see the professionals at Gas Wheels & Tyres for a great selection of rims and wheels for your car. We carry nothing but the best names for wheels and rims. Phone us on 07 5554 5445 or email to see our wide range of rims and tyres to suit all vehicles.

Related Services We Provide at Our Tyre Shop in Mermaid Beach


Our tyre shop in Mermaid Beach is your one-stop shop for all your wheel and tyre needs. Other services that we provide to our clients include:

  • Wheel alignments: The primary reason why wheel alignment is so critical to the health of your vehicle because it reduces the life of your tyres. Driving on car tyres in Mermaid Beach that aren’t aligned is that same as dragging your tyres sideways across the road at speed. You’ll also use a lot more fuel than average.

  • Package deals: We offer rotating specials and wheel and tyre packages in Mermaid Beach. Is there a specific brand that has you interested? Let us know. We carry an assortment of wheels for top name automobiles including Nissan, Mitsubishi and Hyundai. 

  • Wheel painting: Are you bored with the current paint scheme of your tyres? We can help add a new look to your car. Whether you want to add a new colour to your wheels or have a quick touch up, we can assist. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Tyre Repair in Mermaid Beach 


Taking the time out of your day for a tyre repair in Mermaid Beach can be frustrating if you are trying to juggle a busy schedule. To limit the need for tyre maintenance, keep the following advice in mind: 

  • Inspect them regularly: Pick a few days during the week to walk around the outside of your car and check the appearance of your tyres. If you notice that one of your wheels is deflating, bring your vehicle in as soon as possible. 

  • Check the pressure: It’s critical to remember that while visually checking your tyres, using an air pressure gauge periodically to ensure that your tyre has enough air is just as important. This device is easy to use and connects to the air valve on your wheel. If you don’t own one or you are having any issues, please let us know so we can help. 

  • Oil change check: Your car requires regular oil changes. You should always bring your vehicle to a professional to perform this service. While there, ask them to look at your tyres to ensure that they are in good order. 

Why Gas Wheels & Tyres is Cost Effective 

The Gas Wheels & Tyres team knows that wheel accessories can be costly, which is why we offer a unique method of financing. This option allows you to make interest free payments over a period of weeks. Our friendly staff can answer any questions or concerns you have about this or any of our products or the services that we offer. Phone us on 07 5554 5445 or email to talk about our product range.

When you are ready to find out more about our tyre options, reach out to us through our contact page

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