Bridgestone Turanza

Turanza luxury touring tyres. For superior safety and comfort.  Bridgestone’s Turanza range of tyres was developed with luxury touring in mind. It is focussed on improving ride comfort without sacrificing handling.

So, sit back and enjoy a quieter, more comfortable and safer drive, in wet or dry conditions.

Bridgestone Ecopia

Ecopia fuel saving tyres. A fuel saving tyre solution.  The Bridgestone Ecopia range can save you fuel without compromising on safety or comfort. The Ecopia compound is the result of global research and development into low rolling resistance technology.

Put simply, rolling resistance is the force required to roll a tyre. Lower rolling resistance means less fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Bridgestone Potenza

Potenza performance passenger tyres. 
Engineered for performance.  
Born from Bridgestone’s long association with Formula One racing, the Potenza range of tyres offers the optimum mix of control, speed and stability.

With incredible responsiveness and high speed stability, Potenza tyre gives you the ultimate driving experience.

Bridgestone Dueler

Grip, durability and performance on and off road.

You’ll find our Bridgestone Dueler range for 4x4s and SUVs will have the right tyre to match your style of driving – whether you’re going off road on a rugged outback track, looking for comfort and quiet performance on the highway, or wanting a tyre that can do both.

The Dueler range of premium 4x4 tyres offers a huge choice of tyre sizes and performance characteristics... Our Highway Terrain tyre (H/T) and Highway Performance tyre (H/P) deliver superior grip and handling combined with low noise. With its rugged Light Truck construction, our L/T tyre delivers the ultimate in off road strength and durability while our popular All Terrain tyre (A/T) gives you the best of both worlds.